There is no doubt at all that Hong Kong is the place where you may enjoy the wonderful and enchanting Hong Kong sightseeing. So,we will ensure that you enjoy the sightseeing and relish each and every moment which you spend here. We provide you with Hong Kong City tour with and complete Sightseeing Hong Kong.There are several places or the sightseeing spots which are must visit for every tourist.


Ocean Park is the most wonderful amusement park at southern side of the Hong Kong Island. This park has several rides which even includes the roller coasters. However, there are various aquariums and most famous attraction is giant pandas. The Ocean Park is well committed to promote and support the conservation of animal in Asia region.


Happy Valley Racecourse is the highly attractive and impressive location. The season of horse racing runs from the month of September till May and it has the highly convenient as well as inspiring location, where races are organized on every Wednesday night. Many expatriate gather together at beer garden which is near the finishing line as racing commentary is done in English language.


Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddha’s – it is the popular Buddhist monastery which is situated on mountain which is behind the village of Shatin Pai Tau near to KCR railway station which is just a walk of 5 minute. It is the top most temples for visiting. Complex consists of five temples, pagoda, veranda, four pavilions and more than 12,000 Buddha statutes as well as monkeys. On the other side of main temple is a Pagoda which is 9storey that was elected as a symbol of Hong Kong which is printed on the Hong Kong currency.


Golden Bauhinia Square which is even known as Expo Promenade. It is situated outside convention of Hong Kong and the Exhibition Centre on the Wan Chai seafront marks most important occasion in the history of Hong Kong’s which is coming back of earlier British colony to People Republic of the China.


Aberdeen Harbour which is the home for several of people who lives on the fishing junks who take the sampan ride or the boat ride and take in just view from both splendid floating restaurants which you will taste the most delicious and tasty fresh seafood.


Ping Shan Heritage Trail is the kilometer which is long follow through the three villages which consist few of the highly vital historical building in the Yuen Long District of New Territories which includes the one and only ancient pagoda of Hong Kong that is supposed to back which is more than six hundred years.


Harbour Cruise which is situated on the Victoria Harbour is the most busy and highly inspiring natural harbors of entire world, which is also the wonderful way to take sights of Hong Kong. Moreover, Symphony of the Lights cruises is quite admired.


Wetland Park is the ecological park which has the network of the boardwalks that is built on marsh land as well as bird viewing towers. There are also the visitors’ centres as well as the museum. This museum has several interactive displays ideal for the children and few of the live animal habitats.